Top Secret SEO Boosters You Didn’t Know About

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Top Secret SEO Boosters You Didn’t Know About

You may think you are doing everything you can to get your site the search engine attention it deserves, but in reality, there is still a lot you don’t know about SEO.

Here are some top secret SEO boosters to promote your site and finally get the search engine attention your webpages deserve:

Make Sure Your Site Is Mobile Friendly

IPhones, iPads, and Androids, oh my! It is evident that these devices are taking over and changing the way the internet works. In fact, according to Smart Insights, 80 percent of people use their smartphone to search the web, 47 percent of tablet users use the devices for the internet as well. This growing popularity of mobile devices simply means that sites must accommodate their webpages to make them mobile friendly. By doing this, you will be more likely to rank higher in mobile searches, and mobile users will feel much more at ease using your site that has been changed for mobile purposes. It is about time you consider making some changes.

Use Longer Keywords/Phrases

With the amount of websites that are promoting the same things as you, and use the same exact keywords, you need to set yourself apart somehow. By creating longer key phrases, that are more specific to your products and services, it will be easier for potential clients to find you in search engines. It can also be helpful to include specific details in your key phrases, like your location, or specific terms mentioned in other places on your site, because this will help you find the right leads near you.

Powerful Links

You know that links help boost your SERP rankings, but loading your page full with mediocre links isn’t going to give you the best results. What will be much more effective, is to include links to popular and credible sites. These powerful links get more approval from search engines so your site will be trusted and will rank higher within search engines.

Create A Dictionary Page

If your site has some confusing terms on it that are thrown around while explaining your business, you should consider making a glossary page. Not only will this help your prospects by giving them a better understanding of what you do, but you will help your SEO rankings with your use of keywords and phrases, and the credibility you add to your site. This is an easy way to bump up your webpages in search engines.

Meta Tags Do Help, Despite Recent Algorithm Changes

While many disagree, and say that Google, and many other popular search engines, do not actually look at Meta tags and descriptions, filling out this information can only help you. It may not have as much clout as it used to, but by writing good descriptions and tags that include your keywords, you’re just giving yourself a little boost up in SEO rankings. Every little bit helps.

Clean Up Your URLs

A common error made in digital marketing is forgetting about URLs. When sites have sloppy URLs, they are missing out on the opportunity to optimize them by using the keywords, and cutting out the excess characters that somehow end up within the URLs. The shorter a URL is, the better, because people will be more likely to remember, search and find it. Also, the keywords should come as early as possible within the URL to rank higher. This easy little change can actually make a big difference in your site’s SEO.

Tidy Up Your Page

If your webpage is cluttered with ads, hefty sidebars, and too many images, then you may be hurting your SEO. Most search engines prefer to feature clean sites, that look nice and show off a sense of credibility, so before you publish your site, consider what excess junk you can cut out to optimize your search engine results.

After making these simple changes, you should be able to boost your site’s SEO. But keep these secrets on the DL…

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