Traffic Analytics Show You Where They’re Coming From

Your web traffic can come from various sources, and traffic analytics gives you an idea of where your visitors are coming from and what marketing efforts are performing well.

LeadPath’s traffic analytics lets you know who is coming in directly to your website by typing in your company’s URL or bookmarking it. You can also track referrals to your website from other sites, such as your marketing campaigns on Facebook or other social media that prompt customers and prospects to click through. A final way for others to find you is through search engines.

All of these traffic trends and patterns can be analyzed to determine where your marketing efforts are paying the biggest ROI so that you can make adjustments in real time to keep your traffic increasing.

User Session Analytics Show You What They’re Doing on Your Site

Easily track what your visitors are doing on your website by looking at user session analytics. Find out how much time a unique user spends reading content on your website, or what time of day they make web purchases from you.

If you use social media campaigns to drive traffic to your website, you can also find out how often someone is reposting or retweeting your content. This gives you the data you need to make smart marketing decisions about where to spend your advertising dollars.

You can also track how long users are staying on your website. This can drive real time changes to your content needs if you determine people are not spending enough time on your website to become informed.

Benefits of Using Traffic & User Session Analytics

  • Identify problems immediately. LeadPath’s analytics allow you to pinpoint areas that need improvement in your website and fix them immediately. This ensures your traffic and user sessions are performing at their optimal level so that your website is working as hard as you need it to.
  • Make better financial decisions. Wondering where to spend your marketing dollars next? LeadPath’s analytics provides you with the data you need to determine what areas are affecting your best traffic and what areas need to be shored up or even discontinued. You can easily decide if a PPC campaign is generating the ROI you want.
  • Data means insight into users’ experience. Know what your customers are looking at on your website and how that correlates to e-commerce sales. Are customers reading your product descriptions only to click away from your website, or are certain products selling better from your website than any other mode of sales? This is important information to know about your customers.
  • Allows for multiple users. You can designate viewing permissions to others in your organization so that you can make your website the hub of your company’s marketing efforts. Allowing multiple users access to the LeadPath analytics alerts everyone in the company to issues that arise which need immediate attention, whether that constitutes an advertising change or a website overhaul.
  • Increase your e-commerce. Use LeadPath’s analytics to help isolate problems between customers finding what they need and being able to order it easily and quickly on your website. When you make the buying process as simple as possible on your website, you’ll see revenues rise.

Traffic and user session analytics are your window into the behavior of your prospects and customers. LeadPath’s analytics make sure you have the hard data to back up your most important business decisions.

Call LeadPath for a free demo today, and get started in the right direction with clear data to support your findings.

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