Twitter Proves More Successful For Sales Than LinkedIn, According to New Research

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Twitter Proves More Successful For Sales Than LinkedIn, According to New Research

Since its debut in 2002, LinkedIn has always been perceived as the best social media site to conduct business. With ways to connect with companies, search for jobs, and network, all in a professional setting, how could it not have a great impact on business and sales?

While LinkedIn is a widely-respected social media site among businesses, and can help improve sales, it can no longer be consider the best.

In a recent study done by forbes.com, Twitter has usurped the ever- admirable LinkedIn, now reigning as the top social media platform for sales.

Shocker, am I right? With its loose ways, limited word count, and wide range of users, Twitter does not seem to strike you as the ideal site for businesses to increase their sales.

Wouldn’t a more professional, business-oriented site like LinkedIn show more success? How can that be?

While this comes as an initial surprise, the possible explanations behind the results hold some undeniable truths. Here are some ways Twitter can be a better social media platform for sales:

It Is More Fun

Anyone who has a LinkedIn account knows how stiff and professional people act at all times. Your profile needs to be pristine and show off the best image to potential clients. Twitter, on the other hand, has a much more laid back approach. Businesses who use Twitter to promote themselves, find that they can be more creative and tweet fun quips, as well as retweet reviews and mentions of the brand to advertise. These tweets see more retweets and likes that most LinkedIn posts, making it a more successful outlet to share short-from content.

Easier To Engage

With Twitter, you are able to reach out to lots of people, and engage in conversation with followers and non-followers alike. Also, if you post a tweet, people can easily retweet it, or respond in seconds. With an easy way to engage in conversation, you can work to better promote your brand and become a reliable resource for people to get answers fast. For more private conversations, Twitter also allows you to send and receive direct messages so you can privately communicate with an individual.

#Hashtags Help

To stay relevant with trends, get your business noticed, and track the results of your company’s Twitter page, you can use hashtags to your advantage. Hashtags are an underrated feature that can work wonders for your business. On Twitter, hashtags help to organize tweets, search for specific trends and can help you track who has tweeted about your brand. Trending hashtags get very popular and if you can start promoting your business, you can create a free advertisement that will reach millions of people. The power of a hashtag is endless, giving Twitter another tool to outperform LinkedIn.

Unrestricted Following

On LinkedIn, you are constantly being monitored and are forced to be on your best behavior at all times. If you try to look up a company or a person, they will get a notification, even if all you do is look at their profile. If you want to connect with them, you have to send a request, and get their confirmation, they have the option to completely deny this request if they want. Twitter is not as restricted. You can search people and “stalk” their pages with complete freedom, as long as their account is unlocked. If it is locked, you need their permission to follow them, but with your account being unlocked and open to the public, people can search your profile and check it out anytime they want. No one feels like they are being watched on Twitter, unlike LinkedIn, so clients feel more secure looking into your site.

While LinkedIn may not be the top social networking site for sales, it is still second in command and is very helpful to get more in depth information about contacts. Use both social media site in tandem, for the best results.

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