Use Ringless Voicemail to Stay Compliant

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Use Ringless Voicemail to Stay Compliant

Ringless voicemail is becoming a critical marketing channel for organizations that want to prosper, and avoid the harsh penalties of falling out of compliance with regulators.

If your organization is serious about marketing and thriving, and are aware of the need to be in compliance, ringless voicemail may be exactly what you’ve been looking for. So, what is its role in the current marketing landscape? Is it legal? How can it help?

The Compliance Issue


Businesses, marketers, and even non-profits are under more pressure than ever. There are more rules, regulations, and regulators than we’ve ever had in our country’s history. It’s complex, even if you make a conscious effort to try and keep on top of all the new rulings coming out. Especially when there are specific regulations coming out regarding marketing, in addition to industry specific regulation.

We could see far more rules coming, especially when it comes to data security and storage. Especially in the wake of recent major hacking scandals and the giant Equifax hack.

Most pressing for many organizations is trying to stay in compliance in marketing. The establishment of the Do Not Call Registry and substantial fines for skirting phone rules dramatically changed the marketing world. Many moved on to email, and then found regulators following them there. In America’s highly litigious society, even outdoor advertising and internet ads are watched closely.

The bottom line is that it is just really expensive when you aren’t in compliance.

Phone Marketing for 2018 & Beyond


Most of the marketing world is focused on digital right now. All in spite of the fact that the phone, and even email has still proven to deliver a great ROI compared to most social, and many online only campaigns.

Billions are being plowed into learning digital marketing, like SEO, content marketing, video, and Facebook. This is a huge advantage for those still using the phone. It is a far less crowded space, where you can really stand out and connect with less competition.

It doesn’t have to be and/or debate either. The savviest know that we are only spending more time on our phones. We’re shopping more on our phones, even when we’ve visited physical stores, or are watching TV commercials, or are listening to the radio. Plus, with more integration of smart home devices, smart watches, and cars, those who are also working in intelligent phone strategies are going to have a great edge. This can certainly include both text messaging and ringless voicemail drops.

What is Ringless Voicemail?


Direct to voicemail technology enables marketing services to drop messages right into phone users’ inboxes. If you’ve ever received a voicemail, or voicemail notification, without noticing your phone ring, that could have been ringless at work.

There are a huge variety of uses for this technology, including:

?     Prospecting for new business

?     Generating hot inbound lead calls

?     Sending reminders and alerts

?     Developing customer loyalty programs

?     Staying at the top of mind

?     Promoting new sales and upsells

Using Ringless Voicemail to Stay Compliant


A lot of organizations from charities to for profit companies, and collections firms have been hit hard by regulations. It has scared some off from making any attempt at outbound marketing via the phone out of an abundance of caution.

The good news is that ringless voicemail is compliant. Whether you are checking yourself with the FTC, CFPB, FCC, or TCPA, it is still in compliance.

What many don’t get is that ringless actually falls under information technology, and does not fall under the same rules as other telephone marketing.

There was a potential decision pending to officially rule one way or the other on this type of service by the FCC in mid 2017. That was abandoned. So, for now, and the foreseeable future, this is one of the safe havens of those who see the phone as a smart and profitable tool for communicating and driving revenues.

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