Use RVM To Optimize Phone Sales Performance

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Use RVM To Optimize Phone Sales Performance

How can call centers and telemarketers use ringless voicemail to optimize results and ROI?

There is a lot of buzz around ringless voicemail technology right now. Used well, large call centers, SME’s, and remote telemarketers can all utilize this new marketing tool to upgrade results.

Ringless Voicemail Technology

Ringless voicemail services have developed the ability to deliver messages right into prospect and client voicemail boxes, without the phone even ringing. While some advocacy groups aren’t too happy about this technology, and its ability to bypass caller ID screening, it is still legal, for now. Marketing departments, tuned in telemarketers, and business owners, are excited about this new opportunity. Especially given its potential to drive down marketing costs, bypass recent barriers to phone marketing, and stand out in the mass of noise consumers are being hit with online, and in stores.

There are a variety of ways to use these campaigns to augment and strengthen existing marketing strategies. It can be used to backup direct mail, increase webinar and live event attendance, prospect to lists, and follow up.

1. Using ‘The Drop’ to Optimize Time & Labor

The vast majority of phone call attempts don’t get answered. Phone agents don’t want to waste those dials, and should be leaving voicemails. Being able to drop voicemails automatically can save time on leaving manual messages, and enables phone agents to just get on to the next dial. Over the course of a shift, that can make a huge difference. Not only does this help in saving time spent to a machine, but keeps dialers in their peak mindset and energy level.

2. Beating Bounced Call Numbers

Today telemarketers not only have to deal with unanswered calls. Many recipients will reject incoming calls they don’t recognize. Without ringless voicemail technology hundreds of leads are likely to go uncontacted, or teams are just going to become burned out, and disengaged due to the volume of work versus results.

3. Simultaneously Connecting in Multiple Mediums

Voicemails are normally checked, even if some people rarely seem to answer their phones today. They’ll listen to the voicemails when they have time, have them translated to text to read, or have them forwarded to their email inboxes. Getting more voicemails out can mean connecting in the prospect’s preferred medium, when they have time to pay attention, and connecting in more ways. Voicemails can have as high as a 96% listen rate, versus as low as a 15% connect rate to live prospects.

4. Convert Calls into Website Traffic

As a business owner, it doesn’t matter if you close the sale over the phone or online. In fact, there can be great advantages of driving more traffic to online assets. Higher web visitor numbers can add value to your business, increase ad revenue, and can trickle over into subscribers and social media followers. All of this can drive down the cost of future sales, while enabling customers to conduct business in their preferred medium. Using voicemail drops you can direct prospects and customers to engage online via your core site or specialized landing pages.

5. Ensuring Uniformity & Quality Control

Ensuring consistency and effectiveness of voicemails being left has been one of the most difficult things for CMOs and CEOs to manage, until now. Scripts are rarely used, and constantly monitoring of employee calls is expensive. Using this technology businesses can be sure that effective messages are being left. Then they can be tested, tweaked, and optimized in an organized way for predictable results.

6. Generating Live Inbound Calls

Effective voicemails can turn no answers into live inbound calls. This not only optimizes the impact and value of each number dialed, and increases the ROI on labor and data purchases, but can have a positive effect on telemarketer performance as well. An inbound call is completely different in the mind of the phone agent, and this can greatly impact conversion rates, and total sales.

7. Using Inbound Leads as an HR Tool

Via the Ignite Your Sales Team podcast sales manager to Tony Robbins, Rich Cohen says that one of the biggest requests his top sales people had were for more inbound or screened leads. Even those who are great at phone sales don’t necessarily love making cold calls all day. Having inbound leads is a big selling point in recruiting. It can also be used to reward and retain top talent you already have on your teams.

8. Automate

Use ringless voicemail to automate contact for non-urgent communications, and calls with lower ROI. Some calls, like routine follow up, regular calls for repeat business, upsells during or after sales, and just trying to stay at the top of the mind may yield lower cash returns than initial sales calls. Use direct to voicemail marketing for these calls, while teams are being on those which produce the best profit margins.

9. Increasing Number of Contacts Per Day

Thousands of voicemails can be dropped per day. That far exceeds even the most demanding call center metrics, pushing sales staff to clock 200+ dials. More importantly, these messages are almost invariably delivered, whereas there are no guarantees of how many contacts can be made in a manual dialing shift, or even using an auto-dialer.

10. Connecting with Prospects at the Right Time

One of the major flaws of traditional call centers and telemarketing is that only a limited number of people can be reached at the most opportune times of day and week. Often sales reps continue to cycle through their call sheets in virtually the same order, hitting the same dead ends. With VM prospects can be targeted at the perfect time according to their profiles, whether that is in the morning, at lunch, after rush hour, or on the weekend.

Ringless Voicemail Recap

There are clearly many reasons that ringless voicemail technology is gaining attention. Above are over half a dozen solid ways to implement this marketing tool to enhance call center and telemarketer performance, while driving up overall figures and improving the bottom line. With so much to gain, and the urgency to remain competitive, it is worth every organization with a phone team testing it, and measuring the results.

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