Using a Service to Call Your Leads for You

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Using a Service to Call Your Leads for You

Through years of experience dealing with people new to Network Marketing I can tell you, absolutely, the hardest challenge for new people is making calls.  Call My Leads For Me

I have been involved with MLM since 1992 and in the MLM Leads industry since 2003 when I established Apache Leads.

Yes, calling mlm leads is the hardest thing for a new network marketer to develop the courage to do.  Picking up the phone and calling a stranger, even though they are a qualified mlm lead is difficult and very scary. If you leave your new people to accomplish this task alone, they are inevitably going to quit your business.

Even though you have done training calls with them and have taught them how to make calls, once they need to try it alone they will often perform poorly.

OK of course not everyone is going to have problems, but most will.  Some people are born for making calls to strangers, they love the thrill of it and break the ice with ease. 

You and I both know, that’s not how everyone is

Your new people will follow your directions and buy mlm leads, but that’s where it ends, they don’t always grab the phone and call them. If they do, they often do not have a good script.

When they do call it often doesn’t go well and they end up developing a crippling fear of the phone. The new guy who was all excited last month, now doesn’t come to events, your phone calls to him go unanswered and he goes off auto-ship.

I found this to be true very early in my MLM career and had it reinforced when I moved into the MLM Leads Business.

It’s far too much for people who don’t have experience calling for a living to suddenly be expected to become great at making what is essentially a sales call.

“Please Call My Leads” is what the new people in your business are wishing!

That’s why we established We Call Your Leads which in effect is a Call My MLM Leads Service.


 By starting the conversation with the leads, our professional callers make it super easy for your new guy to jump on the phone to the lead and say something like: 


“Hi Bob, you just got off the phone with my appointment manager. I’m James the guy they said was going to call you with more information about getting you into a business”

See how much easier that is than making the first call?


See how your new guy will have a chance of remaining in business a lot longer and can turn into one of your biggest leaders in your business?

Come to We Call Your Leads and discover the better way to call leads

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