Know Where You Stand in the Rankings

Do you want to know where your website stands on certain keywords your customers or prospects might be using to find you? How beneficial would it be to know what keywords perform the best in search engines?

With other platforms, you’d pay extra for a ranking program that scours the internet and returns a ranking for your keywords. With LeadPath, that’s included in the platform.

Find out how people are searching for your website based on keywords you’ve optimized for. You can compare how certain keywords perform against each other to pinpoint your marketing efforts where the results are strongest.

Optimize Your Search Engine Rankings

Identifying what keywords your prospects and customers are using to find your website lets you drive your marketing efforts in a concerted effort to reach your audience where they’re most interested. For example, if you sell hot dogs, but your customers are searching for wieners, you may be missing some crucial traffic.

LeadPath’s ranking tool scraps the data from search engines and reports back with a rank where your website falls in the list of results for keyword searches. Use this powerful tool when you want to analyze the performance of your website and your marketing efforts.

Benefits of LeadPath’s Website Ranking by Keyword

  • Save money and time by knowing where you rank in search engines on a real-time basis. When you’re able to analyze the data as it’s being generated, you can make changes to your SEO and keywords to maximize the traffic you get to your website. Why spend money on PPC or other advertising if the keywords you’re using aren’t helping customers or prospects find you?
  • Target the best keywords by knowing what your customers are searching for. If you’re a roofing company, you can compare whether “roofers” or “roofing contractor” performs better on your website. You can split test headlines that contain keywords, and make changes on the fly to optimize for the keywords that rank the best.
  • Target seasonal keywords that change over the course of a year. You can use LeadPath’s key ranking program to define what seasonal words work best for a period of time, such as the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas, to get a better idea of how to drive seasonal traffic to your site. Specify your reports by keyword and by time period to focus on the best keywords to use for the holidays.
  • Get an edge on the competition by comparing your keyword rankings against theirs. See who is performing better in the search engines for keywords you both use, or determine what keywords your competitor uses that out-perform your efforts. Make changes in real time to increase your reach online.
  • Compare pages against each other on your website to find out why one page shows up consistently higher than another page. Use the website rankings by keyword to define what your customers and prospects find appealing about certain pages on your website and focus your marketing efforts on those areas of interest.
  • LeadPath’s rankings by keyword is comprehensive compared with other platforms where you need a program to analyze page rankings and a separate one to analyze website rankings. LeadPath accomplishes everything in one easy-to-use, functional program that gives you the information you need to make good business decisions.
Call today for a free demo to see how LeadPath can help you maximize your web rankings in real time and save precious time and money.

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