Why aren't you using these 5 social media tools?

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Why aren't you using these 5 social media tools?

Oh the joys of social media. What’s in and “trending” one day can be overrated and old news the next. But these social media tools have yet to grow old. To improve your social media platform and ensure that it is consistently staying fresh with new content, check out these social media tools that can take your marketing game to the next level.


Planning out a content schedule and posting them on time can be a tough task to keep track of, especially on top of all the other work you have to do on a daily basis. With Buffer, businesses can upload their content, and let the tool do their work for them. Buffer can manage content, and post it on a regulated schedule. The tool can post to several sites at once, so whichever social media platforms you choose, like Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, you can connect these sites so that your content will automatically be uploaded at a scheduled time and date via Buffer. This tool is an easy way to collect all your content and stay organized on social media. Buffer may just be the easiest social media management system on the web.

Quill Engage

Keeping track of your success rate and numbers on social media is extremely important. While you may be able to see what is getting likes and shares on social media, Quill Engage can bring you in depth analytics information that can give you better insight into your social media activity. With Quill Engage, you can view your Google Analytics account easily and it will even send you updates about your accounts with detailed information about the online activity of your company. Quill Engage can be a great tool to use to check your social media marketing efforts and evaluate the success of your online marketing campaign.

Kingsumo Headlines

Do you ever wonder if you put the best headline on your article or post? Well with Kingsumo Headlines, you no longer have to wonder. Kingsumo works by allowing you to try out several headlines and see which has the highest success rate. Kingsumo will let you a/b test your headlines by letting you select multiple options of titles and testing them to see which has the highest number of clicks. With this testy tool, you can upgrade your content, and ensure that you are putting your best foot forward on social media.


A major part of a good social media campaign is opening up communication with your clients and leads. With Mention, your company can track when people mention your business, even without tags, so that way you can join the conversation. This can be a good way to increase communication with your customers by responding to comments, both good and bad, and sowing them that you are listening and willing to fix any problems. Mention can also show your company the numbers of how often you are getting mentioned, to see if you are gaining popularity online and to track your social media marketing success rate.


Keeping up with the trends can be tricky. But with Buzzsumo, you no longer have to spend your days stalking the celebs and major brands to see what is trending. Buzzsumo will help you track the trends and see what it being searched online and on social media. It will also help you figure out what content is showing the best results, so you can tailor your content and your social media marketing campaign around successful tactics.

With these social media tools, you can easily turn around your social media marketing campaign in just a few easy clicks.

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