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Why Should My Small Business Use Marketing Automation?

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Why Should My Small Business Use Marketing Automation?

As a small business, you are well aware of the obstacles in your way that can prevent you from gaining the success you desire.

But don’t let being scared of marketing automation be one of these obstacles.

Too many small businesses assume that marketing automation is only for large corporations with lots of money and customers, but how do you think they got there? By investing in marketing automation to simplify their jobs and help them gain more customers, of course.

Marketing automation is a crucial component of business for companies of all sizes. It works to consulate online activity, and automate the marketing and organization processes, so you don’t have to do it manually. It is a time saver, and a business saver.

While marketing automation software may seem a bit steep at first, small businesses need to think of it as an investment in the growth of the company. By investing in marketing automation services, the company will be able to improve their current online marketing system and gain more leads, without having to do more work.

In fact, the employees will be doing less work, since the software is an automation that is creating more time for employees to focus on other work. With less time wasted online working on the marketing campaign, while also still gaining more attention and more leads through online marketing will help expand your business and your sales.

If you are still not convinced, just look at the facts. According to, 79 percent of small businesses that have invested in marketing automation plan to continue their uses of it. This strong percentage of users continuing to employ the service proves their success with the software and the growth they have seen with using it. In fact, Pardot also reports that companies that use marketing automation for over two years, insist that the service is “critical to future success.”

It is time to face the facts, small businesses; the old-school marketing tactics just are not cutting it. From flyers to billboards to handout coupons, these efforts are becoming less and less effective compared to the marketing strategies employed by the companies with automated marketing software.

It is time to evolve, or be left behind. If you want your small business to stay afloat, insists that small businesses will have to close the growing gap between the small businesses and large corporations. By investing in marketing automating software, they can now be on the same platform as the larger businesses, so they can actually compete and have a better chance to stay in business. Venture Beat predicts that marketing automation is the future of all successful small businesses.

See, marketing automation isn’t as scary of a concept as it seems. It is an investment in the future, like a college degree, or a 401K.

To make more money, grow your network of clients, and catch up with the larger companies, marketing automation is a must.

Your small business can and will prosper from marketing automation services, so invest today and see the growth tomorrow.

But don’t stress about the cost. Marketing automation comes in a variety of packages and prices. You have some options to figure out what kind of marketing automation software works best for your needs and your budget.

To learn more about marketing automation software, check out the Leadpath marketing automation blogs at

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