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Why Your Copywriting Falls Short of Expectations

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Why Your Copywriting Falls Short of Expectations

Try as you might, you have yet to conquer the game of content writing. From scheduling your posts, to advertising on social media, you have planned the perfect content marketing campaign, but your writing seems to fall short. It’s about time to step it up and make a change in your content writing.

While your writers are talented, they may not know all the tricks of the trade. So to amp up your content, and your business, fill them in on these common errors they are making so that they can change their bad content writing habits!

The content does not match the catchy headlines.

With content writing and social media marketing, we all know that click-bait titles are the first to grab the attention of the audience. But if you give your leads a catchy headline to draw them in, you better live up to expectations. If you content is dull and does not match the title, you’ll come across as a big tease to your clients. And trust me, they see right through the cheap tactics. To make this technique work for you, make sure you match your headlines to your work, and keep the energy consistent.

You take your time getting to the point.

Creating an imaginative and engaging introduction is certainly a talent all writers should have, but the length of these intros need to be limited. If your piece has a long introduction, and takes a while to get down to the real message of the article, you’re quickly losing the attention of your leads. People don’t like to waste their time, so if you state your point earlier in the writing, there is a higher chance that people will receive and react to the message. Get to the point, and you’ll have a higher chance of getting your message across.

Your message is unclear and lost in your writing.

With intricate writing and a detailed story, you may lose your clients in the story. While it is great to have engaging content, you need to make sure the potential clients finish the piece with a clear understanding of the key points you are trying to communicate. To help keep it clear, make sure your message is simple and easy to understand, then work to restate in within the piece, so it is extra clear. By reinforcing the message, you will ensure the clarity of your message so that leads will understand it.

Your content lacks a vivid storyline.

As a writer, you should be able to tell a fine story with your words. Contrary to what many seem to believe, content writing should be done in the same way. Storytelling can help across a variety of mediums, for all industries, as it is a valuable asset to quality writing. But many times, content writers feel the need to leave stories out of their writing. This is a huge mistake. Instead of sticking to cut and clear content writing, mix up content with engaging stories that help to bring emotion and detail into your writing, and help create connections with your readers. Great stories can bring about these connections and can have a serious positive impact on your business.

These simple mistakes may currently be taking a toll on your company, but with a few simple changes, you can change your content writing and take it to the next level. Your content will no longer fall short of expectations, but will exceed them!

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