Why Your Landing Pages Convert Like Crap

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Why Your Landing Pages Convert Like Crap

Try as you might, your landing pages just aren’t pulling in the conversions they should be. From design and layout to copy, you may think you’re doing it right but there is still room for mistakes. Check out these mistakes that might be spoiling your landing page results:

Your connection isn’t the greatest

To grab and keep the attention of your potential clients, you have a matter of seconds. Within this time, you better throw out you’re A game to clinch them. Little hint here though, you’re a game does not include a slow loading page, or a page that requires your leads to download some new fancy software just to be able to view it. This will drastically cut the results of your pages. To give your landing pages a fighting chance, make sure you work on the loading time and the accessibility of your pages to ensure that customers at least get to see your site before they decide to click the exit button.

You misuse or neglect white space

Never underestimate the power of some quality whitespace on a page. While it may seem lazy to some, a little perfectly placed white space can help draw the eye to more important parts of the page. But don’t just throw in whitespace anywhere. Make your white space count by framing important images and copy to showcase the part of your landing page that you want the potential customers to focus on.

You abuse your clients with intimidating squeeze pages

A simple squeeze page can be a great way to get conversions, but with too many pop ups, or squeeze pages that pop up at the wrong times, you might give your possible leads the wrong idea. If you have a squeeze page form pop up too soon, you might make your leads feel as though they not entering a legitimate site, and that they cannot trust your company.

Another squeeze page mistake that can ruin your landing page is requesting too much information on your squeeze page. If you’re trying to get some quick information from the visitors on your site as they enter your landing page, you need to keep it crisps, clear, and concise. That’s the only way it will work.

Your pages don’t sync up

Each page within your site is perfectly set up and designed. Now what’s going wrong? Have you checked your links? This is a major mistake too many companies make that can instantly bring down your credibility and odds of converting customers in an instant. If your links don’t work, or bring your leads to the wrong place within your site, it will be extremely frustrating and off-putting to site visitors. So check your links and make sure everything syncs up how it should!

You overwhelm your leads with crazy pages

Yes, we all know a more exciting and aesthetically pleasing page will attract more customers, but at some point you need to reevaluate the design of your landing pages and figure out what it too much. If you have lots of bells and whistles on your site, you may be overwhelming your leads with too many shiny toys to play with. Instead, trim it down and focus on the big ones. You need to have a focus on each page, so its important to save these fancy additions like videos, gifs, and other exciting features, for the part you want your prospects to pay attention to. Some flashy features paired well with some good copy, headers, and a healthy amount of white space can serve your site well.

Fix these mistakes to turn around your results. With landing pages that convert like crap, your company’s site needs a reboot immediately.

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