Why Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Is A Dud

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Why Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Is A Dud

You might think that your business is covered when it comes to marketing via social media, but is your current strategy helping or hurting your reputation?

While social media is a powerful tool that can be used to enhance the online marketing of a business, it can also negatively impact your company’s name and standing.

Make sure that you are you are not making these fatal mistakes when creating a social media campaign for your business:

You’re not getting the conversions you want

This is how you know your social media strategy is failing. If you are not getting conversions out of the work you put into your social media strategy, then you need to make some serious changes. Increasing sales through conversions is the ultimate goal of social media marketing, so if you’re not pleased with your current conversion rate, improvements are vastly needed.

You don’t’ have a clear social media plan

Before you launch your business’s social media sites, you need a clear outline of how you intend to maintain the accounts and how often you plan to update posts. You should also include an estimate of the growth you intend to see from your social media marketing strategy so that you have a set goal to aim for. Once you have these laid out, your strategy will be stronger and much more organized.

You focus on the quantity, instead of quality, when it comes to followers

Remember, quality is more important than quantity when it comes to most things, especially social media followers. Just because you may have a ton of followers, it doesn’t mean that you are getting a ton of sales. Increase sales by increasing the quality of your followers. Make sure that you are reaching out to gain followers that will turn into leads and sales. That’s the entire goal of social media marketing.

You are not consistent with your social media activity

You may have nice Facebook and Twitter pages set up representing your company, but if you do not post consistently, and do not stay active on these sites, you may just be hurting your reputation instead of building it. Schedule regular times to post and keep up to date with trends on social media. If it looks as though you are active on these sites, your followers will find you to be more trustworthy and are more likely to engage in your social media posts.

You do not have a two-way communication system

If you only post things without responding to comments, you’re not engaging your followers, not are you providing the help they are seeking. Make sure that you create an open and attentive environment within your social media sites so that customers feel that they can reach you this way. Also, you can reach out to followers who may be in need of your services and make them feel as though you care about their needs. This is how you can use social media in a way that can generate leads and sales.

You try to focus on too many channels

If you’re on every social media platform that you can think of and it’s not working for you, here why: you’re spreading yourself too thin. Instead of trying to just be competent on all social media sites, focus on a few sites and work on excelling in those areas. If you simply focus on the more popular and sustainable social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, your company will see much better results in you social media marketing strategy.

You’re doing everything manually

Here is one of your main problems: you are trying to do all your social media marketing manually. Make the process easier and more effective by automating your social media marketing. This will help you stay consistent with your posts, and can also help you track how you are doing so that you can see where you need to improve.

You relay the same message through all platforms of social media

If you try to post the same message in the same format through all of the different social media platforms, you will have a hard time getting your message across. Social media sites are each unique in their own way, and messages should be formatted to optimize the results on each individual site. For instance, posting an eye catching picture to Instagram can help increase likes and followers, but on twitter the photo may not be received in the same light. Make sure you tailor you message to fit each individual site and that you are not too repetitive.

You come on too strong

If every single thing that you post only functions as an advertisement for your business, your followers will be dropping like flies. To reach out and engage more people, you will have to show that you care about the individuals’ their needs, in an aesthetically amusing way. You can still throw some advertisements in the mix, but ultimately, you need to post relatable content that followers will want to continue to see on their news feed.

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