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Your Cheat Sheet for the Perfectly Devised Marketing Email

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Your Cheat Sheet for the Perfectly Devised Marketing Email

Email marketing isn’t rocket science, but sometimes finding the perfect combination of content, personal input, and marketing tactics can be a tough formula. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a guide to help you write the perfect email for marketing?

While there may not be an exact science to developing the perfect email to reach out to your leads, there are some things you can do to help you create a more successful email marketing campaign. Check off this cheat sheet to help you type up the perfect emails to nurture and convert your leads.

Start with a solid subject line

The first step to creating a successful marketing email is to ensure that it will get opened. With a crisp, yet catchy subject line, you will grasp the attention of your recipients, and give them a preview of what’s inside. Make sure you keep these subject lines short and clear, otherwise you will get written off by skeptical leads and forwarded to the trash with other SPAM-like emails.

Keep your message friendly, but not too personal

With both the subject lines, and the actual content of your emails, it is best to ensure that the writing takes a friendly and informal tone, yet is not too personal or laidback. While the goal is to be approachable and relatable to your clientele, coming off as laidback or too personal can be an unprofessional way to get your message across, and can negatively impact the perceptions of your company. Before writing your emails, make sure you know where to draw the line, so that you can be confident in the outcome of your emails.

Make sure your content is short and sweet

The easiest way to lose a lead, is to drown them in a sea of words. Instead, keep your audience attentive and eager by keeping your message short, clear, and interesting. Your leads will appreciate the brevity of the email, and will actually take the time to read. And with a concise, yet direct message, you will be able to get your point across and convey your message, which is the main goal of any email.

Include a clear call to action

With your marketing emails, there is typically a specific action you are attempting to influence your lead to complete. This action may be to check out your website, call for a quote, or to respond to a specific message or deal that your business is offering. Your content should revolve around this action, and should be direct and concise to help persuade and guide the potential clients. Any confusion within the email can prevent the lead from following your message and, ultimately, result in an unsuccessful email.

Add a direct link to make things easy

The next step after creating a clear call to action, is to include a direct way for the potential client to follow your lead. With a direct link to guide your leads right where your call to action wants them to go, you can simplify this step for the potential client. This quick step can forward the process, and can even help you gain more clients through the simplified process.

Leave your leads wanting more

A perfectly devised marketing email includes a clear message, and makes the audience feel something. Whether this be the need to buy the product, a curiosity about a deal, or even a happy feeling about a heartwarming story introduced that ties into the company, these emotions help to win over the clientele. By sparking an emotion in the reader, you’ll get remembered and create a more effective email campaign. And in the end the businesses that get remembered will get more site visitors and sales.

With these tips you should be able to create perfectly devised marketing emails that gets you the results you desire.

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